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Visits and Presentations

Visits and Presentations

We enjoy visiting children and adults in many settings…schools, libraries, hospitals, service organizations or any group that would like us to visit.

Presentations for Children and Adults:

  • These can be centered on and made age appropriate for Reading Piki’s Book(s) and Meeting Piki
  • Service Dog Training and Information


Presentations for Adults

  • Service Dog Training and Information
  • What Can a Service Dog do to Help Me or my Child?


“Our Right to Grieve”
This is a PowerPoint presentation explaining different types of grief with emphasis on Disenfranchised Grief (you’ve suffered from this whether you are aware of it or not.) I explain how writing Beyond the Stars: The Other Side, Through a Child’s Eyes helped me to properly grieve the loss of my own child at birth; and how we can all help ourselves and each other to go through our own grief processes. The book is written and illustrated particularly for parents to read to children, allowing the concept of death to be presented by a little girl and her friends, Bear and Cotton, in a gentle and non-scary way. It is a story of comfort and hope.


If you’d like to discuss or schedule a visit or presentation, please contact me by clicking here.


Please note that at this time I can only do local presentations (75 mile radius), free of charge.

I’m in Placitas, New Mexico from mid-September until the end of May.

And I’m in Freedom, New Hampshire from early-mid June until early September.