Piki’s Page

Hi everyone! Joan wanted to write about me and how we met and all of that, but I told her that it was all in my first book, Piki Goes to College, and that I would like to write this part of the website, after all, it is called Piki’s Page and I’m Piki!




I know that many of you don’t think that dogs can talk or show emotions, but we can. And if you have a dog. you already know that. True, our language is not exactly what you hear from family or friends, but by watching our eyes, ears and body language, you can understand what we are thinking, feeling and saying.

Joan and I have become very close over the years we’ve been together and I love her. And Joan loves me too.


I was wild and crazy when Joan adopted me but now she tells me that I’m a sweet and well-behaved (usually) friend, family member and Service Dog.


Joan wrote a list of words that describe me and show my many sides. The “good list” includes loving, caring, calming, fun and excellent at reading her emotions. The “not as good” list is silly, a pest (especially when it’s time to eat) mischievous, independent and stubborn. (Stubborn! I’m stubborn ? Well, yes, I can be very stubborn.) 

What I’ve Been Doing

During this COVID-19 time, Joan and I are staying home a lot. We want to be able to go to schools and libraries, but right now that isn’t possible. Things are beginning to open up and we hope that will continue.


I’m also dictating my second book to Joan. It is called Piki Goes Flying. It is the story about the first time I went on a trip with Joan and we flew on a big airplane. I learned a lot and had some interesting experiences on that trip. Joan will also include information in the book about flying with Service Dogs for moms, dads and other adults.


Piki Goes Flying is the second book in a series I’m calling The Piki Adventure Series. Obviously Piki Goes to College was my first adventure book. I plan on there being six books in the series.

Piki Lying Down